Friday, September 7, 2012

When Dating a Waukap, Go To Waukegan
Because the Waukapalooza There

The Summer of LoveIn the 1700s, when the Native American Waukapalooza migrated here, they settled along the banks of Lake Michigan in what is now Waukegan. Legend has it they recognized the site as a good location for an Indian Casino.

Haha j/k.

Greetings from sunny Waukegan, where your LakeCountyEye is live blogging Waukepalooza 2012. Waukapalooza, it goes without saying, is Waukegan's rip-off of answer to Chicago's successful Lollapalooza music festival.

Operatives eager to make the scene at this year's 2012 Waukapalooza should hop on the bus to:
Stiner Pavilion
Waukegan Beach
Sat, Sept 8
3pm to 10pm
The musical line-up includes:
  • Fatal Intoxication
  • Evil Twin Sister
  • Jeremy DeJesus
  • The Slutty Squirrels
  • Somnistatic
  • Parallels & Lies
  • The Whales?
Doubtless they must've thrown out the rule book when it comes to finding that perfect name to get your band some notice. Your LakeCountyEye recalls back in the day when his record label made Frank Zappa change the name of his band from The Mothers to the more commercially appealing The Mothers of Invention.

But that was back in the day. Your LakeCountyEye made some calls to the RIAA and their copyright division says there are only about 10 good unclaimed band names left. If you're a future Marilyn Manson, take note:

Ten Bitchin Awesome Names for Your Lake County Band
  1. The Millburn Stranglers
  2. The Rose Exterminators
  3. The Fox River Valley Gardeners
  4. Dan Duffy and His Red Light Cameras
  5. Homeowners Against Lighting Ordinances
  6. John Philip Waukapasousa
  7. The Scraunch Lads
  8. Land & Lakes & the Landfills
  9. Joe Walsh Tribute Band
      featuring Joe Walsh!
  10. The Willards

Look for your LakeCounteye, tuning the ukelele.

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