Monday, January 2, 2012

You Say You Want a Resolution

Do not adjust your television set ...If the date above this blog post is to be believed, it must be 2012 already. Since only two days ago it was still 2011, this is around that time of the year when every blogger on the blogosphere gins up some hackneyed New Year's resolution top ten list or something. Your LakeCountyEye of course is no exception, but ginning up some decent last-minute resolutions is not as easy as it sounds. It's only January 2 for Pete's sake -- two days into 2012 -- it won't be any sooner than July or early August before your LakeCountyEye has some inkling about what sort of resolutions need to be made.

Being out of ideas, it goes without saying, is a signal from above that it is time to steal someone else's ideas. In this case that someone else is TeamAmerica10th, who recently posted a note to his commenters ...
We like having viewpoints challenged, records of candidates and politicians examined and debated, and healthy debate about the issues of the day (try to get fair treatment like that on a liberal blog).
Happy New Year and a Look at the Presidential Matchup
Your LakeCountyEye concurs with a hearty hear hear! Why is it that all the lakeside Lake County liberal blogs have their reader comment sections locked down? And while all the conservative McHenry-County-side blogs may have open comment sections, these attract the sort of AOL-dialup type of reader who doesn't know how to post a comment on an Internet blog. If you're an operative in Lake County and your comment needs to be aired now, then you don't have a lot of alternatives other than moderate, non-partisan blogs like TeamAmerica10th and this blog, LakeCountyEye!

In that same post, TeamAmerica10th also sent his commenters a shot across the bow ...
I'm giving everyone fair warning that comments that are just juvenile and have no redeeming intellectual value are going to be deleted. If you have something of value to add to the discussion, regardless of your viewpoint (and our track record proves that we respect all comers who have something intelligent to say), it'll be recognized. If not, see ya.
Happy New Year and a Look at the Presidential Matchup
Now, for your LakeCountyEye's money, juvenility and without-redeeming-intellectual-value are synonymous with, if not the Internet itself, at least the Internet blogosphere. Just sayin!

And having said it, your LakeCountyEye does have one New Year's resolution. No comment posted on this blog -- regardless of how juvenile or bereft of redeeming intellectual value -- will be deleted from this blog. So trolls, n00bs, sockpuppets, spammers, drivebys, haxxors, griefers, flamethrowers, y'all have a home & are welcome on this blog to exercise your First Amendment Rights. (That still means you cannot shout FIRE in a crowded theater.) Just try to get fair & balanced treatment like that on any other so-called fair & balanced blog!


Anonymous said...

It would appear that Team America's shot across the bow has been fielded cleanly and their more rabid GOP commenters are suddenly caught between the bases with no where to go.

Is it wrong to mix naval and baseball metaphors?

District116 said...

"So trolls, n00bs, sockpuppets, spammers, drivebys, haxxors, griefers, flamethrowers, y'all have a home & are welcome on this blog...."

Be careful what you wish for! It seems as though I remember your Google PR being higher than its current PR2 which means that you may be bleeding off PR to drivebys, etc. who like to comment for no other reason than to get a one-way link back to their site.

Wordpress allows for plugins that will automatically add the rel="nofollow" script, thus preventing PR bleed. I'm not sure what Blogger has to offer since I switched over several years ago. We can also edit a comment and remove just the link if desired.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Anon,

Yes it is, matey.


Barney Baxter said...

hi District116,

Blogspot comments are all or nothing -- admins can only delete. That means the District116 link on your comment is safe.

LOL j/k