Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Your LakeCountyEye received a press release from Jonathan Farnick, undaunted candidate for the 14th Congressional District. The 14th is Lake County's newest and least known Congressional District and it roughly coincides with those parts of the county that no one knows about.

The press release, besides announcing Farnick's candidacy, reproduces the home page of the Farnick Campaign website. Or maybe vice-versa. From the presser ...
Nowhere on this site will you see a link or button to "Donate Here". Jonathan wants your vote, not your money.
Jonathan Farnick for Congress
This is valuable information, because it is a well known fact that, if ever forced to choose, most campaign websites would choose your money over your vote.

Emboldened by the knowledge that there will be no rogue, embedded javascript surreptitiously nicking the PayPal account, your LakeCountyEye visited Farnick's Campaign website. Your LakeCountyEye naturally gravitated to Farnick's blogroll:
Operatives are invited to scroll down to see for themselves. But they won't find any Lakes or any Countys or any Eyes listed on Farnick's blogroll.

Farnick campaign operatives are advised not to expect an endorsement for their candidate to appear on this blog. Or a plug for their website.


LC Truth said...

As an avid reader of the Eye, I take exception to the comment "....and roughly coincides with those parts of the county that no one knows about" Perhaps BB hasn't been out much. The new 14th encompasses 6 of 18 townships in Lake County. The most notable Congressional District in Lake County is the the new 10th which encompasses 10 townships and only focuses in Lake County (with a tennie tiny strip of Cook) The county's smallest Congressional District is the 6th with only two townships in Lake County.

I would also like to point out that "in your words those parts of the county no one knows about" there are 10 candidates who reside in the new 14th running for various office from state to local, not to mention the numerous precinct committee people and that is just in one party.

Poke fun and entandre at the politicians and policies but don't denigrate the great people of the 14th. They are known, loud and clear.

My guess is the new 14th will be one of the most difficult Districts to upset the incumbent, but likewise, the Lake County landscape of the new 14th will probably turn out the best crop of newly elected candidates in the history of Lake County.

Barney Baxter said...

hi LC Truth,

Thanks for the info. It's no secret that I haven't been out of my parent's basement since the Clinton administration.


District116 said...

"....Or a plug for their website"

It's good to see that you didn't include any links to it as well. Jonathan must not ready the McHenryCountyBlog either. I've already gotten over not being on the blogroll and moved on.

Was glad to read that Walsh, in the 8th, can now sit back and watch Tammy and Raja spend big bucks duking it out while building up his war chest for the general election

Barney Baxter said...

hi District116,

There's a new poll with Tammy way ahead of Raja. The Cap Fax has some details. The 8th will be the one to watch this year.


tofubo said...

never asked for a plug or an endorsement, but do appreciate the link

sent you information regarding an upcoming election as you are a blogger concentrating on a county in the district i am running in, nothing more

(and i do ready (sic) the mchenrycountyblog, that site received the same information, as it falls into the same category)