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Q the Eye/01.15.12

Dear LakeCountyEye,

I waited my turn patiently for 20 years. I carried water -- and you don't want to know what else -- for some big elephants. Waiting paid off, I'm now the Chairperson of my County Board. But some meddling legislator in Springfield wants to change the rules and let the voters elect the County Chair. That's no fair -- I played by the rules.

Why is everyone always picking on me?

Charlie Brown

Dear Stolen Thunder,

Ὥρος HōrosState Rep Jack Franks filed a strikingly similar Bill that would require some counties to directly elect their Chairpersons, as readers of this blog are strikingly aware ...
Ballotations for the Chairman, Now?
The idea is gaining some momentum; the newspaper of record in Lake County, the Daily Herald, likes it. Sort of ...
But state Rep. Jack Franks has a point with his proposal to have the Lake and McHenry County Board chairmen elected directly. Lake and McHenry residents should give it some thought.
Good idea, wrong forum
Predictably Lake County Board Chair David Stolman is not so keen on the idea. According to the Daily Herald again ...
Stolman said it does not make sense for someone who doesn't live in Lake County to change the form of government there. He added that county residents, not legislators, should decide on such changes. "If our voters wanted to change the form of government and have an elected county board chairman, then it is certainly up to our voters," Stolman said. "I don't think a legislator should try to legislate that."
Stolman questions proposed county board chairman change
Now, Franks's Bill does not specifically mention Lake County, but is written to apply to counties with more than 300,000 residents. Also Bills put before the Springfield Legislature are passed by a vote of the entire legislature, and not by a vote of a single legislator who doesn't live in Lake County. Your LakeCountyEye does recognize that these are technical legal concepts that an uninformed layperson might not understand.

Also, Stolman is absolutely right, it is up to the voters how Lake County chooses its Board Chair. But your LakeCountyEye notes that a plebiscite of that nature requires a ballot referendum. And referenda are put on the County ballot by a vote of the Lake County Board. Which is controlled by -- ha ha -- David Stolman.

Too funny. Anyhow to answer your question, your LakeCountyEye recalls a Bufffalo Grove Trustee who was endorsed by and elected with the help of David Stolman. Your LakeCountyEye does not recall her name, but this politician proved to be so politically inept that the Village of Buffalo Grove was forced to pass a recall ordinance just to get her recalled.

Long story short, the answer to your problem is simple: enthusiastically support the Franks Bill and help it become law. Then find this ex-Trustee and endorse her candidacy as County Board chair. Turn that millstone into a stepping stone and run against her in the general election!

If you are an elected official, or a previously elected official, or just a private citizen under indictment, send your political questions to Q the Eye c/o ...

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