Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rebuffing with Faint Praise?

An operative from Mettawa received a Campaign Mailer Legislative Update in the mail from State Senator Dan Duffy. The op forwarded a scan from the Duffy newsletter to your LakeCountyEye, along with a question:
I recognize Sen Duffy in the photo. Who is the fellow (posed like Jack LaLanne) standing next to him?

Clover Club
Operatives are invited to search high and low throughout the mailer for some mention of the unidentified fellow's name. But if you are anything like your LakeCountyEye you too will be coming home with neither hide nor hair to show for your efforts.

In desperation your LakeCountyEye made a call to the archivist. The LakeCountyEye archivist does have compelling evidence to think the man of mystery is actually Duffy's co-host at the Children's Health and Safety Fair, State Rep Ed Sullivan:
Safety Blitz
If Sullivan was indeed co-host of the Fair, there is no mention of that, either, in Duffy's mailer.

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