Sunday, September 4, 2011

Route 53 Where Are You?

The news hit your LakeCountyEye like an incumbent office-holder driving with SR-22 insurance: Don't expect to be scoopin' the Route 53 extension any time during your lifetime. According to the Pioneer Press, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority has no money to spend on the project:
Lake County loses Route 53 extension bid
If Route 53 is now literally a highway to oblivion, what is your LakeCountyEye to do for hilarious material? (With the exception of Island Lake) the jokes don't write themselves in Lake County. Operatives will observe that the Route 53 Extension comprises a significant chunk of your LakeCountyEye's comedic output:
Without Route 53 to kick around any more, does that mean your LakeCountyEye will have to blog about politicians or something? This is enough to drive your LakeCountyEye to Nippersink.

But enough with the jokes, this is serious.

Note to operatives: get on the horn, toot-sweet, and call the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. Tell them to catch a clue and re-route the Route 53 extension through Old Mill Creek. Your LakeCountyEye guarantees the funding will show up -- from somewhere, like magic -- to send Route 53 somewhere else. Like through Long Grove or Lindenhurst something. Somewhere not in Old Mill Creek.

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IllinoisJim said...

Is this true? I remember reading that in the 70's some Long Grove rich blocked it by finding “new” Indian mounds in its path. In the 80's Gov Thompson guaranteed Motorola that if they put the cell phone plant in Mundelein, it would be built. Somebody blocked Big Jim. Now all this.