Monday, September 26, 2011

McClatchey and Release

There's an old saying in Lake County: when seeking the political kingmaker nonpareil, look no farther than your LakeCountyEye. Case in point, readers of this blog may vaguely remember ...
A Fresh Face in the 8th Congressional District
when a little-known political aspirant with the unlikely name Joe Walsh first appeared on this blog. Back in the day a satirical blogger could count on a knee-jerk laugh just by confusing tea-party candidate Joe Walsh with guitar-strumming Eagle Joe Walsh. Not any more.

The latest little-known political aspirant to approach your LakeCountyEye is Frank McClatchy, a Democratic candidate for the 14th Congressional District. McClatchy noticed that this blog was not aware of any Democratic candidates running in the 14th ...
Send a Bill to Congress
He sent a note ...
Hi there, I was reading your blog today....
I announced on Sept 6th....
Please visit our website for more info.
and a press release to bring your LakeCountyEye up-to-speed:
McClatchey Release
Announcement Press Release 9/6/11
Your LakeCountyEye thanks Mr McClatchey for the heads-up and wishes him the best of luck as a Democratic candidate for the 14th Congressional District. Looking to the future, your LakeCountyEye hopes to be able to do for Frank McClatchey what this blog has done for Joe Walsh!

McClatchey's website can be visited at ...
McClatchey for Congress
For operatives with carpal-tunnel and unable to mouseclick from a long weekend of roundtabling, here is a screen cap of the website, from Internet Explorer 8 (build 86001):
Your LakeCountyEye has not had an opportunity to meet Mr McClatchey, but assumes that is the top of his head.

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