Friday, September 2, 2011

Grease the Wheels

Q: What is the difference between the Millburn Bypass and a coronary bypass?
A: You need to have a heart to complete a coronary bypass.

Ha ha j/k. Lake County is being driven to distraction over the Lake County Division of Transportation's decision to route the Millburn bypass through Lindenhurst's suburbs and not through Old Mill Creek's farm fields:
A Gift Horse
Your LakeCountyEye has now discovered that Tempel "Tim" Smith -- along with various companies filing from Box 399, Wadsworth -- have contributed some $25,000 to Lake County and other Illinois politicians. Suzi Schmidt -- the prime mover behind the Millburn Strangler -- benefited from $2200 of Smith's largess:
Contributions List
Smith, no doubt looking out for the interests of the residents of Old Mill Creek (Pop 178) where he is the mayor, illustrates the power of civic-minded benevolence. Operatives worried about a US Highway dividing their neighborhood could do worse than follow Smith's example:

Reception for State Senate Candidate Suzi Schmidt
For those operatives more worried about a US Highway dividing their family estate, cf. above.


Anonymous said...

Poor Susan Lahr. Made the choice to back Suzi and then got run over by her.

Anonymous said...

What a list of characters. All that is wrong with Lake County on one invite and creator's of our high property taxes.
Maybe we should get a group of 1000 protesters to show up at the In-Laws, then have a cocktail afterwards .

Anonymous said...

Who says Lake County Municipal races are not partisan. Like Anon 9/3 7:46. All that is wrong with Lake County on one invite.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that the chair of the forest preserve got a nice tidy donation right about when old Tim sold them 250 acres of developable land for 50,000 an acre with a clause that the preserve couldn't touch any of his land...and that the preserve board is OK with a highway running through it... And check yor facts eye- you'll find that Tim and family have given suzi q in the 10s of thousands over the years!