Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Just Mad About Fourteen.
Fourteen's Mad About Me.

For correctly guessing where Eighth District Congressman Joe Walsh will run for re-election, one lucky contest winner is eligible for a free dinner at the Subway Sandwiches & Salads of Minooka (conveniently located off the Interstate). Congratulations, and be sure to send your attorneys to claim your prize!

Ha ha. As readers of this blog are blithely aware ...
Got Any Gum?
local news outlets have made up their minds that Joe Walsh will try to retain his congressional seat in District 14, and are all abuzz because of it. Walsh has neither confirmed or denied the rumor. However your LakeCountyEye has learned that his polling data indicates that semi-rural District 14 represents Walsh's best opportunity for safeguarding his high-salary Washington DC job.

As this authentic-looking pie chart indicates, Alexa ranks Congressman Walsh among the most popular targets sources of discussion covered by this blog ...
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so naturally your LakeCountyEye wishes to see Walsh re-elected, in perpetuum if possible. This nonetheless does not skew your LakeCountyEye's eagle-eyed assessment that if he chooses to run in the District 14 Republican Primary, Walsh will win.

No doubt the incumbent there, Randy Hultgren, would be a formidable opponent. Hultgren can probably count on the support of the local GOP establishment. But the hearts of the GOP base -- the tea-party -- belong to Walsh. In a fair fight between a frustrated establishment vs a riled up base, your LakeCountyEye gives it to the guys who will be knocking on the doors.

Fourteen is a huge district so operatives are advised to start their walkin' & knockin' if they haven't already. The primary is scheduled for March 20, 2012. Your LakeCountyEye hopes to have Joe Walsh to kick around some time to come.

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IllinoisJim said...

Now that media calls his supporters "low information voters" let's see if he can fool enough people out west with his "bachmann" bombs and standup lying.