Thursday, September 8, 2011

Q the Eye/09.08.11

Dear LakeCountyEye,

It was a scant 12 months ago that saw candidate Joe Walsh begging Congresswoman Melissa Bean to debate him:

Dear Melissa Bean Debate me
Back then, tough talking Joe was ready to debate anywhere, anytime. But now I'm worried that Congressman Joe Walsh is becoming Melissa Bean in a dress. I'm ready to debate Walsh anytime, anywhere. Are you listening, Joe?

Rising to Debate

Dear That's Debatable,

Good luck with that one. One Eighth District candidate has already invited Walsh to debate ...
Krishnamoorthi Challenges Walsh To Debate On Jobs
but you're more likely to see Walsh accept an invitation by the President to attend a joint session of Congress.

The Eighth was gerrymandered to be unwinnable for a Republican and twice as unwinnable for a Republican named Walsh. You'll have a better chance getting him to debate in District 14, where he is likely to run. District 14 was gerrymandered to be a black-hole-sink for Republican-red votes, and whoever wins the Republican primary there is heavily favored to win in the November election as well.

And your LakeCountyEye does expect to see Walsh win the Primary there ...
I'm Just Mad About Fourteen.
Fourteen's Mad About Me.
He may not be the incumbent, but in a Congressional District cut to corral-in the tea-party, Walsh has the Republican tea-party backing him, no strings attached.

And your LakeCountyEye daresays Walsh has the Democratic Party, there, backing him as well. Who do you suppose the local Democratic honchos would prefer to see as the face of the opposition party: A Randy Hultgren? A Peter Roskam? A Robert Dold? A Don Manzullo? Or a Joe "Dead Beat Dad" Walsh?

Ha ha, this was not a trick question. And who knows, after Walsh wins his Primary in the 14th District, he may totally fly off the rails and hand over an upset win to some lucky token Democratic candidate. Your LakeCountyEye expects to see the Democrats in the 14th District hustling their people to the polls next March with orders to cast a ballot for Joe Walsh.

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