Monday, April 4, 2011

What If They Gave an Election
and Nobody Came?

It was predicted on the Mayan calender 3000 years ago. Timewave-zero calculations mathematically prove exactly when it will occur. It will be observed by astronomers as the Earth aligns with the galactic equator. The approaching Armageddon of 2012? Nope, your LakeCountyEye refers to the approaching municipal election of 2011.

The municipal election is a short one-day away. These biennial off-year elections are scheduled for the opportunity to choose your village trustees and library boards and junk. Naturally the newspapers, like the Daily Herald ...
Prove the experts wrong and go vote
and the Northwest Herald ...
Why vote Tuesday? It's your money
are all publishing their civic-minded editorials urging their readers to stop reading their publications and go vote. As if. And as if. And as if.

No doubt everyone will be at their polls on Tuesday, bright and early, rain or shine. But being a non-partisan blog, your LakeCountyEye takes pride in presenting all sides of an issue -- be it the pro side or the con side or the whatever side. And there is a case to be made for not voting tomorrow. Quite a few cases, actually, and as excuses go some of these are pretty good. So here are ten reasons why you should not vote tomorrow:

Ten Reasons for Not Voting in the 2011 Municipal Election in Lake County
  1. If no one votes, the Lake County Clerk's job can be eliminated.

  2. Anyone who voted twice in the last election gets a pass on this one.

  3. Illinois bars no longer are closed on election day.

  4. You'll be paid much better for your vote in Cook County.

  5. Voting just encourages them to schedule more elections.

  6. Vote with your feet: go shopping for shoes.

  7. As if they actually pay people to count your vote.

  8. If no one else votes, your LakeCountyEye's ballot wins.

  9. Your vote makes a difference ... haha psych!

  10. Oh what the hell, party like it's Armageddon 2012.

Look for your LakeCountyEye in your polls, watching you vote.

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Civic Minded said...

Nobody came....In most of Lake County, there was less than a 10% turn-out.