Thursday, April 7, 2011

Low Votage Voters

Lake County smashed all existing election records Tuesday, with an anemic minus 14.98 percent voter turnout. A mathematical anomaly of this sort can occur in an election where more ballots are cast against, than for, any particular candidate.

Exit polls attribute the low numbers to the fact that Lake County's registered voters, as well as registered ballot stuffers, were unaware that an election was scheduled on April 5. Exacerbating a less than optimal situation, Lake County's election officials were unaware that an was election scheduled on April 5, either. The News-Sun has the raw numbers ...
Just under 15 percent of Lake County's registered voters cast ballots Tuesday, a figure which disappointed County Clerk Willard Helander.
Voter turnout a 'disappointing' 14.98 percent
Hmm, wouldn't a rockbottom 15% turnout be less likely to overload and bring down a county-wide tele-network vote counting system? Your LakeCountyEye suspects that Helander was actually as happy as a short-billed duck in shallow water. But what does your LakeCountyEye know?

As readers of this blog are well aware ...
Voters to Tea Partiers, Creationists: Meh
overall it wasn't a good night for teapartiers or anti-government-libertarians or one-issue candidates or silly-parties in general. Not a single creationist will get to teach the intelligent design at Stevenson High School. Professional atheist Rob Sherman will have to keep his day job as Illinois's professional atheist. Army Colonel Roman Golash (ret.) will not be seen battling islamo-fascism from the halls of Palatine Township High School. The Common Sense Party won't be subdividing Barrington Hills into low-low-costing quarter-acre tracts. And political operative Joe Ptak won't have to look any more at those mean yardsigns planted by those mean political operatives.

With Internet Powerhouse™ Andy Martin removed of the local picture, does this mean freak-show politics has run its course in Lake County? Luckily there is still Eighth District Congressman, Joe Walsh. Hang in there Joe, your LakeCountyEye needs the easy material!


Anonymous said...

Round Lake got there Tea Party - Look at Greg Clements (Northern Illinois Patriots). He will join Triphan and Newby. Watch out Round Lake.

Anonymous said...

I am humming the melody to Mayberry RFD!

LC Truth said...

With early election, cost of judges, facilities, staff, movers....I can't even fathom the cost per vote in LC

No Tea Please said...

RL here is your newest Trustee talking about the Tea Party's need to take over "lower" office to spread their message. Sound like a religions movement more then a political one. Does not care about the Village, cares about the party and be a "cool kid" among kids who were beat up in school.