Friday, September 25, 2009

Kirk Appointed by Governor to Fill Vacant Senate Seat

Ha Ha. The vacant Senate seat was Ted Kennedy's. The Governor is Deval Patrick of Massachusetts. And the Kirk is Paul G. Kirk Jr.

With this sudden proliferation of Senatorial-Kirks your LakeCountyEye has a found it necessary to rely on a cheat-sheet. The crib sheet has been reproduced here for your benefit.

Kirk Tracker™ -- Your handy clip & save quick reference guide!

Paul G. Kirk Jr.
Massachusetts Senator

Mark Kirk
Illinois 10th District Congressman
Illinois US Senate Candidate

James T. Kirk
Starfleet Captain

Kirk Kerkorian

Kirk Gibson
Detroit Tigers (1979–1987)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1988–1990)
Kansas City Royals (1991)
Pittsburgh Pirates (1992)
Detroit Tigers (1993–1995)

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