Saturday, September 12, 2009

Safety Blitz

Frequent commenter State Representative Ed Sullivan Jr & State Senator Dan Duffy are throwing a family health and safety fair.
Saturday, Sept. 19
9am to Noon

Highland Middle School
310 W. Rockland Road
According to the Daily Herald ...
Participants can learn about bicycle safety, child safety seat checks, flu prevention, college savings programs and more.
The flu season is starting and the media has everyone worried that swine-flu-shots may not be available. Rep Sullivan's wife is a nurse practitioner, so it won't hurt to ask. Rep Sullivan gained some notoriety a few years back as the candidate who campaigned on his bicycle. He should be knowledgeable on bike safety. Sen Duffy will also be there. Finally, Illinois State Representatives and Senators grant free college scholarships to their constituents, don't forget to ask about the program.

Some noteworthy September 19 events ...
  • Adam "Batman" West was born in 1928
  • Nikita Khruschev in 1959 was not allowed in Disneyland
  • Sept 19 is Rosh Hashanah


Nicki said...

Don't ask me why I know this, but the village of Hoffman Estates was incorporated on September 19, 1959.

Barney Baxter said...

Do you know if Khruschev was allowed to visit Hoffman Estates?

Crazy4glf said...

Thanks for pointing out that Rosh Hashana occurs on the 19th. I know that there is not a significant Jewish population in either Duffy's nor Sullivan's Districts though its interesting that BB knew this and that State statute references how to re-schedule Township meetings due to some holidays but elected officials either weren't aware or didn't think it was significant.
I posit that an event would never be held on certain holidays, though doing so on others is ok.

How do you define representation.

End of rant.

Anonymous said...

About that Lake County GOP picnic yesterday.

1. No officials of the Lake County Republican Federation attended yesterday's annual Lake County GOP Picnic. None. Pathetic display on their part. I guess they aren't Republicans. One of them went sailing. Their "executive director" was absent. But members of the RALC, who the Federation always fights with, were there.

2. Only a tiny handful of Lake County Judges attended. Lake County GOP Board members were only a tiny few. Many GOP elected officials were also missing in action. I guess they feel they don't need the party. Perhaps they too went sailing. Pathetic display on their part.

Way to show UNITY folks! Next time judges and county board members cry about Democratic inroads in the county, perhaps they should be reminded of of their lack of party support. But they want support from the party while they in turn are reluctant to support the same party. Pathetic.

3. In the meantime, many candidates appeared, including those running in the 8th and 10th Congressional Districts. I guess maybe they got a display of the current state of the Lake County GOP. All the party "insiders" (elected officials and judges) were missing in action, save for a tiny few.

Nice picnic. Poor turnout by the RINOS and the pretend Republicans. Poor show of unity in a year where unity is an absolute must.

Will the Lake County GOP again fumble the ball? Is the Aaron Lawler move the same play by a few know-it-alls as not punting the ball on your own 20 yard line like the game losing move of the Bears last night?

Ask those who found better things to do rather than attend this event. Like sailing.


edsullivanjr said...


You continue to crack me up! I will take the deserved ribbing for the free promo. I also will get you our scholarship packed in January when we have it available.


Sorry didn’t catch the significance of the date. While staff handles all the arrangements I Ok’d it. I certainly, didn’t mean to offend anyone. The good thing that will come of this is that we will be conducting a search of date significance when we do our planning.

Hope to see you all there,

Rep. Ed Sullivan

IllinoisJim said...

Thanks to Crazy4glf for bringing up this issue. The way I see it, we are not a Christian Nation. We were founded as a nation of immigrants. Therefore, we were founded on the assumption that immigrants have their own significant dates that the others don’t even know about, well, unless 99.999% of the immigrants came from one spot. It makes good sense to have a central point where all of us can go to get this information. For me it was easy growing up to be sensitive to these dates when all the kids in the neighborhood were Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish. But what about the Turkish kid in high school? I still don’t know what dates are significant to Islam. What about the immigrants from India I worked with? I would have been embarrassed if I had dropped off mechanical drawings and rang the doorbell during the Hindu holiest day. Let’s have a spot on the Lake County website that you can always go to get this information. However, it can’t be filled with everything. There are some dates I would bet that, say, a Buddhist has in his religion that he couldn’t care less about and would laugh if it were posted as “significant”.

Crazy4glf said...

Credit where its due: Barney Baxter pointed this out.

Rep. Sullivan & IllinoisJim have good points. I'm glad to see Rep. Sullivan took responsibility for final approval as often 'staff' get blamed for such things.

To Jim's point, there's been a faction that appears fearful of a so-called 'War on Christmas,' that by wanting some consideration of our (non-Christian) faiths, this is an attack on people of certain faiths, etc. This is divisive, it's is a distraction, and it may suggest the character or ability to get along by those who are so popular in some circles and venues and who are given carte blanche to say and write whatever they want wherever they want.

Of course the allegations of the War on Christmas pale in comparison to the rhetoric, to the less than sensitive comments, and to the out and out lies and failure to debunk myths by people I used to respect including one in a neighboring state, that we are seeing across the nation, if not the encouragement of such comments coming - this time - from those on the Right/Conservative side of the aisle.

At least, unlike the Dixie-crats of times gone by, Dem's cannot be realistically be blamed for being the source of the hate-speech, the waste of public safety resources we've seen in the last few weeks culminating on 9/12, and with the failure to reign it in.

Silence is complicity and except for flourishes after a certain heckler last week, when it mattered - i.e. the vote yesterday - there were nays and silence. .

How do we engage in diverse, bi-partisanship if we are unwilling to correct mis-steps and maintain a semblance of civility in the public square and in the hallowed halls of Congress?

What is different about 2009 that we don't enforce rules of conduct, we don't respect each other, and we don't want for others what we expect and demand for ourselves?

This may not be the proper post for my comments, though 'The time has come, the walrus said, to speak of many things.'
Of why we can't get along, of why more people will be uninsured next year costing states plenty. Of the idea that with the economy and healthcare 'doing nothing is a solution?' And of why we all appear to be living in silos.

We can't just talk about bi-partisanship and diversity-awareness and then speak out about how if people contribute to a certain 'moderate,' healthcare reform will end like Waterloo.

This is not necessarily directed fully at Rep. Sullivan though there have been some unique comments, chastisements, and distractions coming from the Right and some of us are tired of it and it will definitely affect how we vote and whether one's comments are - when taken in the context of what is not spoken out against - called into question or not taken at face value.

Its looking less and less like a two party system. Its looking like the President and those that don't like him or his policies. Its looking like the governor and those that refuse to compromise despite the fact that failure to act is literally costly. Will it take a more powerful third party before people of conscience put a stop to the bickering, the correlations between dictators and public officials, and before the State files for moral and fiscal bankruptcy?