Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Fresh Face in the 8th Congressional District

Your LakeCountyEye received a nice note from the Joe Walsh for Congress Campaign Manager. According to the e-mail ...
Joe Walsh has been looking at the race for months and after a lot of careful consideration is announcing the establishment of an exploratory committee.
Your LakeCountyEye welcomes Mr Walsh and if he decides to run for Congress in the 8th District, wishes him the best of luck.

Walsh has a website that can be visited at ...
Joe's campaign theme may be: Testing the Waters

Your LakeCountyEye has spotted no less than six swimmers currently in the shallows known as the Illinois 8th Congressional District. Nominating petitions are due no later than Nov 2.

A final postscript, Joe Walsh isn't the only Joe Walsh on the political scene. Eagle guitarist, Joe Walsh, ran for US President in 1980. Walsh did not win.


IllinoisJim said...

Thanks for publishing the announcement. I pasted this from Mr. Walsh's website. "Our federal government is just out of control, with wasteful spending saddling our kids and grandkids with unsustainable levels of debt."

I am suspicious that this can be translated to "Our federal government had a surplus when Mr. Clinton left but, with my approval, the GOP and Mr. Bush spent the surplus uncontrollably while at the same time giving tax cuts to the core of the GOP, the haves and the have - mores. I will deny this history because to do so rips out the basic tenant of GOP values. I will also not admit that one year ago last month the GOP was out of ideas, on the cusp of another Great Depression, that for the second time in 75 years, Democrats pulled the Republicans chestnuts out of the fire. To take ownership for this calamity would be to admit the GOP was excellent at winning votes emotionally but could not govern practically"

I, IllinoisJim, am not schooled in politics. I read books by Kevin Phillips and John Dean, old Republicans, who seem to be committed to exposing the “truth” on Republican “Truth” (notice the capital “T”). I will believe Mr. Phillips’ and Dean’s explanations before I believe the GOP standard boilerplate, “We are spending our children’s inheritance”.

I used to vote GOP. I believe there used to be credible reasoning coming out of conservatism. Not anymore. For me the GOP “moment” is gone. Like book ends, it started with Reagan and ended with Bush. It lasted twenty-five years. I believe it will take twenty years to heal the damage.

I have to believe that there are reform minded people in the Lake County GOP who are waiting for their “moment” to drive out the Hard Right and start building a political party with good judgment again.

Is Mr. Walsh in that reform group?

Anonymous said...

I noticed on Walsh's website at the bottom his disclaimer says "Paid for...by the Joe Walsh for Congress Committee." However, when you look at the FEC website (http://www.fec.gov/DisclosureSearch/HSRefreshCandList.do) for the 8th CD, his campaign committee hasn't even filed. If he's accepted or spent more than 5k for the campaign, he's in violation of the law.

Plus, the guy doesn't even live in the district, but he'll move here to run for Congress - he's cherry-picking a race for Congress.

That doesn't look like reform to me.