Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wooster Lake Update

From your comments in my last post, Wooster Lake in Consideration, I read about the difficulty with filing a civil suit. Nobody I'm sure ever wants to spend time in court looking to recover monetary damages. You have to hire an attorney, and even if you win there is no guarantee that you will ever be compensated.

Having said that, if I bought a house that was misrepresented to me, and those misrepresentations were in writing, I would think hard about seeking a legal remedy.  Especially if the sale was negotiated by a realtor.

A lawsuit against any realtor could be damaging to that realtor, not only monetarily but to their reputation.

I'm surprised that any reputable realtor would partner with some organization or association that would leave it exposed to any sort of legal action like this.


Tanneron Bay = Disinformation said...

Above is Tanneron Bay Condo Association’s 2012 filing at the County Recorder’s Office. It claims the Tanneron association has authority over the lake and applies restrictions on lake usage. This while Tanneron on its website advertises a different association - the Wooster Lake Conservation and Control Assc. - has authority over the lake and applies restrictions on lake usage.

So why does Tanneron advertise 2 different sets of restrictions from 2 different associations? Which association’s rules are controlling?

The truth is both sets advertised by Tanneron are fraudulent. Neither the Tanneron Bay Assc. nor the WLCC Assc have any authority over the lake. The IDNR made this crystal clear in its letter stating it recognizes none of the claimed restrictions as legal. Private attorney Richard Nakon who has written several cease and desist letters to Tanneron has detailed only a 100%-collection of the lake’s actual owners could establish restrictions, something never done.

Realtors like the snake oil salesmen at Tanneron obviously do not care they sell properties under these false pretenses.

Anonymous said...

Lie #1: These losers claim the WLCCA is in control of Wooster and apply these restrictions

Lie #2: These losers write, sign, and circulate a letter asking for restrictions (pg21) then receive restrictions (pg20) on Wooster by means of a new ordinance from a village that never had authority to do so, making said restrictions illegal the day they were adopted, as detailed by the Clausen Miller attorneys also in the below link.

Lie #3: These losers write false letters to the editor of local newspapers claiming Wooster has always had restricted use (Pg22 in above link) and bully those who do not comply.

Lie #4: These losers file at the Recorder’s Office that their Tanneron Bay Association has control of Wooster and claim restrictions on the lake.

Reality: Attorneys at Richard Nakon & Associates have repeatedly called on Tanneron Bay to cease and desist from disseminating the puke on their website. The IDNR has contacted Tanneron Bay to tell them there are no legally recognized restrictions on Wooster. The County Sheriff has repeatedly told Tanneron Bay Wooster is without any legal restrictions.

No one has yet sued Tanneron Bay Association for fraud, clouding of title, or for unlawful impersonation of the criminally insane Trump Administration.

Anonymous said...

Clouding of Title as well as Fraud in Illinois are and have been felonies since the late 90’s. Neither of the 2 Republican State’s Attorneys Waller or Nerheim chose to press such charges against these (alleged) defrauding felons because scheisters at the county like Bonnie Thomson Carter, Mike Adam, Mark Pfister, and even some within the Sheriff’s Dept are also verifiably, known to be at the origin and reinforcement of the years-long fraud.

The scheisters are not sorry for what they’ve done, never so as much as apologizing, instead adding more layers to the existing lies. They have never been charged for the crimes accompanying the years of fraud. Only a State’s Attorney can press criminal charges.

Why doesn’t Recorder have fraudulent filings removed? said...

“The Illinois Legislature also recently passed PA98-99 into law as 55 ILCS 5/3-5010.5, on July 19, 2013. This Act established a “Fraud Referral and Review Process” for deeds and instruments the Recorder of Deeds believes are fraudulent, unlawfully altered, or intended to unlawfully cloud or transfer the title of any real property. Under the new statute, if the Recorder of Deeds believes a document is fraudulent, the Recorder may refer the instrument to a county administrative law judge for review. If the ALJ finds by clear and convincing evidence that the document is fraudulent, the ALJ must issue a judgment to that effect with a notation that the fraudulent document may not affect the chain of title to the property in any way.”

Fishermen Tales Of Wooster Lake said...

- Tanneron Association has jurisdiction of Wooster
- The Wooster Lake association exists.
- Wooster is no wake.
- Fast boating is the cause of the Coronavirus.
- Phosphorus and invasive weeds are good for Wooster.
- The Kraken of Wooster Lake swamps non compliant boaters.
- BigFoot patrols the shores of Wooster.
- The Loch Wooster Monster eats jet skiers and tubers.
- There is no good fishing in Wooster.

“Iceland” has nothing on Wooster.

Pat Robertson said...

People say, 'Well, they lie about this, that, and the other.” But no, they aren’t lying; to them, that's the truth.*

* Source: George Costanza

Anonymous said...

The Tanneron board for years has known the truth as they’ve spoken directly with attorney Richard J, Nakon. They know the WLCCA doesn’t exist and hasn’t for years since the state dissolved this bogus association years ago. However with malice the Tanneron board today continues to advertise the WLCCA has authority of the lake because the Tanneron board has been advised by Nakon that only all of the lake’s owners can establish any rules of the lake’s waters. The Tanneron board for years knows it’s lying to and defrauding anyone that buys into its falsified documentation, recorded or on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Board Members at Tanneron Bay Association have since 2003 been dispensing on the Tanneron site that the WLCCA has control of Wooster. If Tanneron really believed what it has been selling on its website since 2003, Tanneron Board Members in September 2005 would not have also signed a letter requesting municipalities to adopt a new ordinance to control Wooster. Something Round Lake illegally adopted in 2005, then rescinded in 2011. It’s no coincidence that in 2012 Tanneron Board Members then recorded yet another false recording at the Recorder’s Office claiming they control Wooster.

Tanneron is second only to Trump when it comes to inventing new ways to sell its BS and defraud others.