Friday, December 18, 2020


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White House sources are now saying that President Trump lost in the Electoral College because he couldn't get Dr Fauci or Vladimir Putin to take the SAT exam for him.

HaHa, legitimate businessman and Ex-President Donald J Trump is batting 0 for 2 -- he failed to win another election this week, this time the Electoral College.

What is the Electoral College? Nobody knows. What is known is, in Illinois, the Republican Party slated 20 Presidential Electors -- who will all be going to Washington to give President-Reject-Elect Trump 4 more years:
Even as President-elect Joe Biden's victory was affirmed by the Electoral College on Monday, Republican electors supporting President Donald Trump met in a handful of battleground states won by Biden and tried to appoint themselves as "alternate electors" that could keep the president in office.
Why Trump's latest Electoral College ploy is doomed to fail
Like the Spanish Inquisition, the two chief weapons of these Republican alternate electors are fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency. So don't expect to find their names anywhere on the Internet.

No, really.

The Republican Party, like the Democrats, are statutorily required to field a slate of Presidential Electors. But unlike their Democratic counterparts, the 2020 Illinois Republican electors are nowhere to be found on the Internet. Anywhere. It's as if they never existed.

Operatives take note: This year's Internet Challenge directs you to find the identities of the Illinois Republican 2020 Presidential Electors. Who are these people? The first Op to name all 20 electors will take home an Xmas stocking stuffed with a fine holiday assortment of plaudits and kudos, enough to make even Santa blush.

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