Sunday, November 29, 2020

Wooster Lake

We're at the end of 2020 finally and what a year it was. But one thing hasn't changed that I know of, and hasn't changed since this blog has been active, which is more than 10 years now.

In Wooster Lake there is a homeowner's association. I have their covenant, which is available on their website ...

Over the years we've seen many complaints about the legitimacy of this particular homeowners association.

I don't belong to a homeowners association and don't know how they operate. Are these restrictions enforceable?  Did they overstep their authority by claiming any of these restrictions?

For that matter, is this a legitimate homeowner's association at all? I'm not up on the law in this regard and would like to know.

If this is not a legitimate homeowner's association, are there laws being broken?


Anonymous said... is the website disseminating this document

Tanneron Bay is its own development near Wooster. It is they - Bob Koziol a Tanneron Bay resident and the owner of this website to be specific - who perpetuate the fraud of the Wooster Lake Association and said “restrictions” of the private lake. This is despite:

1. Multiple times over 15 years, the attorney listed on its cover Richard Nakon has called for a “cease and desist” of the dissemination of this never-signed, phony document.
2. Certain Tanneron Bay residents have communicated directly with this attorney, confirming by email as far back as 2005 that the document is “paper machet fiction”.
3. The association was sued (and lost) years ago by certain owners of the private lake.
4. The association is no longer in good standing with the State of Illinois Secretary of State and was dissolved years ago.
5. The association has not met for 15 years, nor has it attempted to refile with the state in this period.
6. The IDNR - the controlling entity- has confirmed no such special restrictions of any kind have ever been legally recognized on Wooster
7. The Lake County Sheriff repeatedly has stated Wooster is a “wake lake” without any recognized restrictions despite what is purported by association covenants and restrictions
8. Many of the people listed on this phony document have been incarcerated for other crimes, have moved away from Wooster, or are dead.
9. Bob Koziol, Tanneron Bay, and WLCCA have never owned and controlled privately owned Wooster Lake. Others own it, not they.
10. Then-Tanneron Bay President Penny Cummings by an internal email in 2005 confirmed the document is phony.. 15 years ag.
11. The last standing WLCCA President David Bone is on record at one of the last WLCCA meetings stating “fraud was perpetuated” with this phony document.

Bob Koziol has been operating under the corporate names of Tanneron Bay and WLCCA for nearly 2 decades, disseminating this misinformation to all, misinforming people including buyers of real estate “buying into” these phony covenants and restrictions.

States Attorneys of Lake County Waller and Nerheim for nearly 2 decades have known about the scam but have chosen to look the other way.


Corruption. Lake County officials including Bonnie Thompson Carter, Mark Pfister, and Mike Adam all once-elected or current employed officials helped originally create as well as reinforce this scam since 1999.......and counting.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to one of the most recent cease and desist letters, sent to Tanneron Bay officials:

Jacob Beilhart said...

20 some years of perpetual lying and defrauding buyers of real estate at Wooster Lake are only possible with legal cover from law enforcement in Lake County. Only the State’s Attorney can file criminal charges against these corporations and people operating deceptively under the corporate umbrella.

As Attorney General William Barr is to President Trump, so is Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim to his pals of “Fraud, Inc.” at Wooster.

The Republican Party has morphed into The Party of Deceit, Cheat, and Repeat.

TB should subscribe to Losers Anonymous said...

Mike Nerheim as an attorney has known attorneys both private (such as Martin Sener in the HB3441 hearings in the state legislature) and public (such as IDNR attorney Jack Price) have made it crystal clear if a private lake like Wooster is not wholly within a corporation’s borders, the entity has NO authority to adopt any special restrictions against any part of the private lake, against anyone. This includes public corporations like municipalities or non-for-profit corporations like Tanneron Bay Condominium Association. This is why the IDNR has never recognized any restrictions as being legal on Wooster.

No authority over the usage of the lake’s waters. None. Nichts. Nada. This attached document is 100% disinformation.

George Costanza said...

“Just remember, it’s not a long as you believe it.”

Eddie said...

Hi Barney. ʘ‿ʘ(@_@)

The Wooster Lake Fishwrap said...

Tanneron Bay: 20 Years of Fantasy and Failure

Merriam-Webster said...

Definition of fraud
specifically intentional perversion of the truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right

Fraud is illegal in all of Illinois, whether by means of the internet or by the Lake County Recorders Office. Over 20 years of unprosecuted fraud can only mean the Lake County States Attorney is complicit with it.

Devil’s Advocate. said...

Eye On Lake County wrote this piece just last year. Since in reality there is only 1 Wooster Lake, both these conflicting property listings cannot be true. 1 listing has to be fraudulent. The one purporting restrictions sold under that listing, too.