Saturday, November 14, 2020

It's All Ober but the Shouting

It may not be cheap, but you can attend Fantasy Congressman-Elect Camp this year:

Jim Oberweis Friday posted a photo of himself at the Capitol for new member orientation, but he is not the projected winner of the race in Illinois' 14th District.
Jim Oberweis Attends House New Member Orientation Despite Projected Loss In Illinois’ 14th District
According to the Fantasy Congressman-Elect Camp brochure, perennial candidates can indulge in their fantasies of being a Congressman or Senator, if only for a day …
  • Sit Where Davy Crockett Sat

  • Earmark a Bill

  • Observe a Congressional Liaison

  • Four-Star Dining in the Congressional Cafeteria

  • Visit that Congressional Budget Office that You've Read About

  • Take a Congressional Recess

  • Share a Beer with Justice Kavanaugh

  • Two Days and One Night in Cosmopolitan Washington DC

  • Trump Hotel Accommodations

  • Masks Optional

  • 2 Complimentary Tickets to the Jan 20 2021 Trump Inauguration

  • Not Available to Actual Elected Congressmen

  • Must be 18 or Older
Note to Ops: If you can afford it … Why Not?


Anonymous said...


Drink More Milk said...

Yeah well you just wait until those ballots in Waukesha are all counted. Then we’ll see the real winner of this race.

Eddie said...

Hi Barney,

Waukesha, WI has nothing to do with Jim Oberweis and Lauren Underwood. ಠ﹏ಠ

The CBS 2 Chicago photo is really from WCIA CBS 3, based in Champaign, serving central Illinois. ರ_ರ

Congressperson-elect Mary Miller (IL, R-15), who will represent many counties in WCIA's viewing area, was the story, not Oberweis. (@_@)

Drink More Milk said...

Thanks for the geography lesson, Eddie. Who would have guessed Waukesha was not in Illinois. So much time spent campaigning and even attending President Baby Huey’s covid rallies in the great land o’ cheese. And Waukesha isn’t in Illinois. I claim election fraud.

Eddie said...

You're welcome, Drink More Milk. (θ‿θ)

Wisconsin rallies couldn't assist Oberweis anyway.