Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving Countdown

gobble gobble
2020 may have been a year unlike any other. But as 2020 winds down, it is good to remember that this moment marks a special time of the year -- and ever it will -- past, present or future.

The last week of November will always be reserved as a period to pause and be thankful, and to count your ballots.

Note to Ops: Watch for the discovery recount.

And Happy Thanksgiving!


Prez Famundah Cheez said...

Recount, Shmeecount. Who needs a recount when I can fall back on Twitter and make idiotic, unfounded, fake allegations like the election is rigged and was taken from me. Numbers and votes that don’t fit my narrative just don’t matter. All that matters is I win. By Executive Order: “I win.”

I am thankful others follow the rules while I sell out my country for personal gain without accountability and dispense pardons like they are pez. Only to my family and other komrades loyal to the greatest grift of all time. And first and foremost, I pardon the most important person in the world ever: myself. Thanks to all my disciples who have enabled and continue to enable me to take my grift to unprecedented levels.

Thanks to you, I am the grift that keeps on grifting.

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee County by hand count confirms fork-tongued Trump is a lying cheat.