Thursday, November 19, 2020

Fudge Bar

Say your pwayers, wabbit!
This week's Golden McHenry County Blog Fractured Syntax Award™ goes to Lake County Board member Dick Barr. Lamenting the election night "blue wave" that swept over Lake County, Barr said:
"I'm stunningly surprised," he said. "There seems to be disconnect between politicians and issues. The values represent Republican ideas, but they voted for Democratic candidates who do not."
Final election tally confirms Lake County riding crest of a ‘blue wave’
What did Dick Barr mean? No one knows.

To find out, your LakeCountyEye ran the text through the Elmer Fudd Translator:
"I'm stunningwy suwpwised," he said. "Dewe seems to be disconnect between powiticians and issues. De vawues wepwesent Wepubwican ideos, but dey voted fow Democwatic candidates who do not."
Didn't help.

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Such a tool.