Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Must Have Brains

So a paid campaign canvasser went door knocking on Halloween. On that day, he did not shave. Or comb his hair. Or wash. If his clothes looked like they were slept in, that's because they were. A homeowner took one look at the frightful doorknocker and said: "That's the best Halloween costume I've seen all day." The paid canvasser said: "What, today is Halloween??"

Haha, true story.

The prize this year for best scary costume by a Lake County career politician goes to David Stolman. Stolman's costume is called the Zombie Stare:
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, an absolute spot-on zombie makeup job.

Stolman is running for Treasurer. And despite the fact that the Lake County Treasurer cannot either raise or lower taxes, Stolman promises to lower your property taxes anyways:
Note to Ops: Make sure you see them drop that Property Tax adjustment into the Halloween sack.

Trick or Treat!

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