Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Guns and Guber

Shorttime Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner was in Lake County for Sweetest Day. And while money can't buy you love, it does buy guns. As in hired guns.

In an effort to buck up his conservative streetcred, Rauner posed with Helene Walsh and Ken Idstein:
Helene Walsh and Ken Idstein were last seen at the Lake County Republican 2nd Amendment Dinner & Gun Raffle.

Here Helene (née Joe) Walsh points to a big rod and some guy with an AR-15:
Here Ken Idstein is seen huddling in back with shockjock Joe Walsh:
Gobbling up the foreground is Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran. Records indicate that no one died in the Lake County jail on that night.

And after parachuting into Lake County for his lock'n'load photo-op, Bruce Rauner was gone faster than you can say NRA.
The End.


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