Monday, January 8, 2018

It's Not Rocket Science

An actual unretouched screencap from the science deniers at the McHenryCountyBlog:

Message of the Day – Global Warming
Government statistics indicate that everyone raised in McHenry County is homeschooled. Those souls are taught to believe that the Earth was created in 6 days, that Evolution is bunk, and that babies are delivered by the Stork. Is it any wonder that an insular population deficient in basic STEM education would find it difficult to grasp principal scientific concepts like climate change?

Well, sure.

Appearances to the contrary, science is not hard to understand. Science can be and is taught at every level, K thru 12. In fact Busy Brains will be hosting the acclaimed Science Road Show on Jan 28, in Lake Villa:

Busy Brains: Beat the Winter Blues
Note to McHenry County Ops: Don't miss this opportunity to see what the 21st Century is like!


Anonymous said...

As an avid reader of the McHenry Blog the posts and comments are classic "of days gone by".

Team America said...

Thanks for the plug for the Busy Brains event, BB. It's a great group, and a great cause to support!


Barney Baxter said...

Hi Anon,

Yep you can't make this stuff up.


Barney Baxter said...

Hi TA,

Gotta give the peeps what they need!


Cal Skinner said...

Minus 10,000 years ago Crystal Lake was under a thousand feet of ice.