Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Treasurer Hunt

Home of the Blarney Stone
Will the Lake County Treasurer please report to the County Building in Waukegan? There is $73,000,000 waiting to be counted.

Haha, according to the News-Sun ...
The Lake County Treasurer's Office has tallied about $73 million in property tax prepayments so far, up from $4.2 million that was prepaid last year, and the counting continues, an official said. The unprecedented interest was the result of property owners rushing to prepay their property taxes before the end of the year so they could take advantage of a federal tax deduction set to be rolled back.
Lake County puts early property tax payments at $73 million and climbing
Conspicuously absent from this news story is Lake County Treasurer David Stolman (Republican).  It wasn't Stolman, instead it was a factotum from the Treasurer's office who answered the Tribune's questions.  One fixture at the Lake County Building said: "Nobody's heard boo from Stolman, not since before taxpayers began stampeding the Treasurer's Office the day after Christmas."

If David Stolman is the ghost of Christmas past, then some Bob Cratchit had to spend his holiday at the Treasurer's Office, keeping an eye on that $73,000,000.  To put that in perspective, $73,000,000 would pay for about 7,300 tropical vacation trips to Cancun, Mexico.  Where the weather is sunny and warm.  And nothing like the weather in Waukegan.

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