Saturday, December 30, 2017

In Mexico What is the Word for AWOL?

treasurer hunt
Will Lake County Treasurer David Stolman (Republican) be saying Merry Christmas, now that Donald J Trump has declared that we can all say Merry Christmas again? One thing is certain, those who will not be saying Merry Christmas are the Treasurer's employees and staff. The Treasurer's Office ...
had been swamped with an unprecedented number of property owners seeking to prepay their property taxes so they can take advantage of a federal tax deduction set to be rolled back as part of the tax bill Congress approved earlier this month. Lines have been out the door with wait times of 45 to 60 minutes, and they've received more than 2,000 phone calls each day this week
Lake County continues accepting property tax prepayments in wake of tax code overhaul
The new GOP Tax Bill eliminates the property tax deduction on payments made after 2017; and all but guaranteed that the Lake County Treasurer's office would be working overtime and long holiday hours this week.

One person not inconvenienced by the new GOP Tax Bill was Lake County Treasurer David Stolman (Republican). Sources tell your LakeCountyEye that Stolman was nowhere to be seen this holiday week, despite his office being flooded by testy taxpayers.

Don't bother looking for Stolman's name in the story cited above. It was an executive assistant to the Lake County Treasurer who took the Tribune's call.

Where was the no-show Lake County Treasurer? If anybody knows, they're not telling your LakeCountyEye. It's as if the County Building in Waukegan was a David-Stolman-Free Zone.

Note to Ops: If you happen to see David Stolman, anywhere, be sure to wish him a Merry Christmas. Or a Feliz Navidad. Or a whatever.

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