Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Caesarian Delivery

Q: Cur transire ad Rubiconem pullum? A: Ut ad alterum latus.
The massive GOP JackPot Tax Cut is riding a business-class ticket straight to President Donald J Trump's desk. And among the Bill's authors, Lake County vestigial Congressman Peter Roskam is bullish on the uptick:
U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam said Monday the Republican-led House and Senate have "crossed the Rubicon" by passing separate overhauls of the tax code and predicted lawmakers soon would bridge gaps between the two versions.
Roskam: Republicans have 'crossed the Rubicon' with tax overhaul plans
Up and down Lake County, the big question is: "Who are the big winners?" The answer, of course, is: low income middle class wealthy taxpayers.

Haha, j/k. The big question actually is: "Huh -- what's a Rubicon?"

A $64,000 question, to be more precise. So your LakeCountyEye asked the top 1% of the top 1% and you would be surprised to hear what gives. All 10 of them:
Ten Timely Investment Vehicles
for Some of Those
Hard Earned Rubicons
Do Not Delay!
  1. Rubicon Yachts

  2. Rubicon Venture Capital

  3. Gurkha Black Ops Rubicon Cigars

  4. Rubicon Fund Management LLP

  5. Rubicon Estate Winery

  6. Rubicon International Services

  7. Rubicon Wealth Management, LLC

  8. Rubicon Minerals

  9. Rubicon Mortgage Fund, LLC

  10. Rubicon Republican Party
Look for your LakeCountyEye crossing that whatchamacallit near you.

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