Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Same Old Song and Dance

Were you one of the 20,000 home owners who waited in line (in sub-zero Waukegan) to pay your property taxes early -- so to avoid the penalty imposed by the new GOP Tax Bill? If you were, you probably didn't see Peter Roskam standing ahead of you. And he wrote the Bill!

Haha, your LakeCountyEye checked the vestigial Lake County Congressman's schedule to see where Peter Roskam was:

Team Roskam’s weekly rundown for Illinois’ 6th District
Roskam apparently was at a ribbon cutting / grand opening for Crea Ballroom Dance in Lake Zurich:

Team Roskam’s weekly rundown for Illinois’ 6th District
That was a neat trick, considering that the Grand Opening at the Crea Ballroom Dance Studio is scheduled for Feb 2, which is next Friday:

When asked if there are any other events that Peter Roskam would not be attending, a spokesman said: "The Congressman will not be attending any scheduled townhalls. Was that supposed to be a trick question?"

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