Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mortality Tables: Buy a Round

Perhaps operating on the theory that guns reduce crime, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran attended the Lake County Republican 2nd Amendment Dinner & Gun Raffle:

2nd Amendment Dinner
October 13, 2017
Curran not only attended the GOP Gun Raffle last week, but he bought a $1000 table:

Lake County Republican Central Committee A-1 List

Part of that $1000 no doubt helped pay for the (minimum) 24 guns that were raffled off:
Twenty-four firearms were raffled off at the $75-per-person fundraising dinner, including at least two safes filled with guns.
Lake County GOP gun raffle draws about 100 protesters
Curran is Sheriff of the third largest County in Illinois. There are now at least 24 new guns in circulation -- made possible, in part, by Sheriff Mark Curran's contribution.

The End.

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