Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Upheavaland in Cleveland

Hey you big bully, quit picking on that little bully. They may not be muscle-bound thespians dressed in tights. But as epic battles go, Aaron Lawlor vs Bob Bednar may just rival Superman vs Lex Luthor or Spiderman vs Dr Octopus or Batman vs The Joker. Lawlor and Bednar are locked in a winner-take-all struggle for the opportunity to nominate the 2016 Republican candidate for the President of the United States.

According to the Daily Herald ...
Which local people are presidential delegates
Aaron Lawlor and Bob Bednar will both appear on the March Primary ballot as delegates for GOP Presidential candidates. Who will go to Cleveland this summer to participate in the Republican National Convention? And who will be left behind like some guest invited to the State of the Union Address by Robert Dold?

The smart money says Aaron Lawlor. A successful career politician, Lawlor is the current Chairman of the Lake County Board. Bob Bednar, on the other hand, ran for Shields Township Highway Commissioner in 2005. And lost. He ran for Shields Township Assessor in 2001. And lost. He ran for Lake County Recorder of Deeds in 2012. And lost. And ran for 51st District State Representative in the 2014 Primary. And lost.

Of course, a CV alone does not guarantee a ticket to your party's nominating convention. But Lawlor parlayed his clout into a prize opportunity to be a delegate for Jeb Bush. This is the same Jeb Bush who has raised $100 million, is the brother and son of former US Presidents, and is the runaway front-runner in the 2016 GOP Presidential sweepstakes.

On the other hand, Bednar in all likelihood is facing another loss -- because he saddled himself with another loser: the casino-owner, Donald Trump.

Presidential primaries are difficult to predict. But as of next July someone will be relaxing in a borrowed pied-à-terre at the Cleveland GOP convention. And someone else will be in an unairconditioned booth, handing out GOP lit at the Lake County fair. And your LakeCountyEye has a pretty good idea who that someone will be.


AuH2O said...

This article would have been far more interesting as well as useful if it had been developed and published 1-2 months ago. NOW (in January, 2016) we already know who the "winner" is (even though it is a stretch to connect the two dots of Mr. Lawlor and Mr. Bednar -- but I love the fun anyway!).

The "winner" is now indisputably MR. BEDNAR! JEB! ain't go'n nowhere! In fact by the time the Republican National Convention now rolls around all the convention delegates will be looking around the hall and saying: "JEB?" :) Mr. Trump, on the otherhand, DESPITE all the Establishment Republicans trying to foist that he was not a serious candidate and that he'd never file to run in all the States are NOW EATING CROW!

In all seriousness, ALL of our Republican Presidential candidates are flawed and not perfect. And I predicted early on Mr. Trump's success to the White House and support Mr. Trump in that he's at least TALKING like he's on the Reagan ranch...I will continue to use Mr. Reagan's mantra on him like Reagan did with the Soviet Union of: "Trust -- But verify!"

I tested (twice) myself whether the clearly most substantive candidate for a major office can overcome MONEY in today's American political scene. Sadly, I was defeated TWICE by two separate multimillionaires. I had the message in each campaign (ahead of my time on the issues of today of the economy, illegal immigration, and healthcare reform as three of my five platform issues) - BUT THEY HAD THE MEGAPHONE!

Because of my experiment, and first hand experience, I have realized (early on) that it would be Mr. Trump who gets all the media attention...Mr. Trump who would have the most opportunity to air his issues...and Mr. Trump who would ultimately prevail -- most particularly in an otherwise crowded campaign field. And so it is so.

Yes...Bob Bednar, Delegate candidate to Mr. Trump defeats Aaron Lawlor - Delegate candidate to the presesidential candidate who's name now escapes me. But again: They really weren't pitted against one another. One simply chose the wrong horse to ride into town on! :)

Barney Baxter said...

Hi AuH2O,

Guilty as charged -- I merely trumped up a contest between Lawlor & Bednar. One needs some star-power to attract viewers.

In any event, good luck on March 15.


Anonymous said...

Even though a serial loser, Bednar,having attached himself to the Great Pumpkin, will more likely be in Cleveland.