Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Justice is Not Cheap

... sentenced to anger management classes. The fundamental flaw of the American criminal justice system: Cases are decided by twelve people who couldn't manage to get out of jury duty. Lake County, to its credit, has come up with a unique solution. As County Board Chair Aaron Lawlor explained to the News-Sun ...
a bill passed through Springfield reducing the number of jurors needed in court, but the bill included a pay increase for remaining jurors. He said Lake County is paying $400,000 more per year as a result.
Lake County officials question state report on consolidation
At a pay-scale of $400K per annum, your LakeCountyEye is quite sure the Lake County courts are now awash in quality jurors.

Haha. But one court-appointed attorney cautioned your LakeCountyEye not to blame Springfield: "Think about it. Every wrongful conviction in Lake County means there was a criminal trial. And appeals. And then a civil suit, followed by jury-awarded damages. And more appeals. Even if you only pay your jurors $5 per day -- a wrongful conviction here, a wrongful conviction there, and pretty soon you're talking real money!"

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