Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Plot Thickens in Grant Township

Yesterday I reported what I interpreted to be a claim made by the Grant Township Assessor: That the Assessor does not take into consideration lake restrictions when valuing lake-front properties.

It now appears that my judgement was wrong. I have received a document, signed by the Assessor, regarding four lakes in Grant Township:

Grant Township Assessor Chart of Lakes
This document appears to evaluate the lakes based on a number of criteria, including "Leads to Chain" and "Restrictions on Lake". By all appearances, this document is used for the purposes of evaluating comparable properties on or near these lakes.

If I was wrong in my conclusion that lake restrictions are not factored in how homes get assessed in Lake County, then my original questions remain: What authority governs and controls how our inland lakes are restricted? What guidelines must our Assessors follow when evaluating our homes -- in particular lake-front properties?

I am getting the feeling that these are things that just get made up as we go along.


Anonymous said...

Wooster Lake property assessments "are just made up..."

That sums it up.

It's called real estate and tax fraud. "Many, many years" of fraud, all starting with a local government ordinance in 2001, one that was according to the Tanneron Bay President in 2006 has publicly thanked the Grant Office and Lake County for its contributions and support to get that ordinance and subsequent restrictions in place at the Recorder's Office all to give the appearance as if they were legal.

As Bonnie Thomson Carter said on record 9/6/2005, they "all bought into them" and that was exactly why she needed the new 2005 Round Lake ordinance to reinforce that historical fraud.

By definition this is a government conspiracy to defraud it's own constituents.

Get some jumpsuits and handcuffs out for the public officials in Grant Township.

Anonymous said...

EOLC exposes more fuzzy assessing occurring in Grant Township as this Assessor assesses other lake properties.

Beyond the enormous problems on Wooster, one should take note of how the Grant Assessor assesses properties on private Duck Lake and Brandenburg Lake.

People water ski and tube on Duck Lake, yet the Grant Assessor Office checks "yes" that Duck Lake's properties are restricted and assesses them as such.

The IDNR owns part of Brandenburg Lake and the IDNR does not list on its website that Brandenburg is restricted. Yet the Grant Assessor Office checks "yes" for restrictions on Brandenburg and assesses as such.

Is there any assessing in Grant that is done without all this conflicting information?

C. Darrow said...

Their own chart signed by the Assessor shows private Duck Lake, Brandenburg Lake, and Wooster Lake as restricted. The Assessor admits to assessing properties based on that information and per her chart.

But when compared with what is on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources' website, one can plainly see none of these lakes' properties are listed as restricted like the Assessor claims and assesses.

"Region 2" pages 6-8 encompasses Grant Township

This means the Assessor for properties at Duck Lake and Brandenburg lake is assessing based upon garbage like "gentlemen's agreements", fraudulent recordings at the Recorder's Office, or unlawful local government ordinances.