Friday, May 22, 2015

A Leg Up

May is World Foot Health Awareness Month. Perhaps not uncoincidentally, two people recently shot themselves in the foot while at McHenry County gun ranges:
My Foot!
As reported on this blog, it is uncommon (to say the least) when the men and women of McHenry County take up the burden to shoot themselves in the foot -- simply to exercise their freedoms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

Now, it goes without saying that the self-inflicted gunshot wound, even in pursuit of the noblest of goals, is not all guns and roses. Especially so, if one refused to sign up for ObamaCare in protest against big government bureaucratic programs. Be that as it may, every cloud has a silver bullet. Ten to be exact, when that cloud happens to issue from the barrel of a smoking gun:
Shot Yourself in the Foot?
Ten Benefits
  1. It's evident you put your pants on one leg at a time.

  2. Reduce by 50% your sock bill.

  3. Never alone at the three legged races.

  4. You da Man on Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day.

  5. There's no one at the ass-kicking contest busier than you.

  6. People only need a 9-foot pole to touch you.

  7. Half the worries while strolling through a LCFPD Dog Park.

  8. No one will ever accuse you of being a knee-jerk liberal.

  9. An effective remedy for restless leg syndrome.

  10. Costs an arm and a leg? Not a problem.
Look for your LakeCountyEye on foot near you.

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