Friday, July 25, 2014

The Big O

It may not be a BIGLOVE.COM or even a BIGUNS.COM but the domain with the name ...
has operatives scratching their noggins. As readers of this blog are largely aware ...
Big Overnment
the Lake County Republican Party is promoting a website that they would like you to visit:
Your LakeCountyEye would be happy to oblige, except for two things:
  1. What is a Big Overnment?
  2. The Domain Name does not exist.
One highly strung party official accused your LakeCountyEye of deliberately misreading the Domain Name. In reality, the URL means ...
The BI in this case stands for bicameral -- which is a form of government with two legislative bodies. Not all governments are bicameral. A unicameral government has one legislative body. The difference is illustrated in this graph:
It goes without saying that bicameral governments are greatly disliked by the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party.

Of course the larger problem remains -- your LakeCountyEye cannot visit a website that does not exist:

Since BIGOVERNMENTSUCKS.NET is available, your LakeCountyEye would not be surprised if some enterprising entrepreneur snatches up the Domain Name and publishes a quick & dirty website. And why not? That Domain Name is already familiar to thousands of Libertarians, who statistically tend to be post-adolescent males with lots of time on their hands.

Operatives are advised to get humping right away!

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