Sunday, July 20, 2014

Food Court?

The News-Sun -- aka the Gray Lady -- aka the Lake County newspaper of record -- is not amused. And the epicenter of their disamusement is Waukegan.

The new Lake County criminal court tower being built in Waukegan is $16 million over budget:
Sixteen million taxpayer dollars is not a "bleep happens" level of error.
Editorial: Lake County court campus blunder isn't a 'bleep happens' error
Then, while out of town on a business trip, Waukegan Mayor Wayne Motley ate at a Hooters restaurant. He expensed his tab to his city:
The Motley Hooters Episode was mostly a reminder that lunching at Hooters can be risky politically, even if you're there only to ogle the chicken wings.
Editorial: Why lunching at Hooters is always a political risk
One unbelievably high ranking County official told your LakeCountyEye: "If life gives you melons then make melon balls. Put a Hooters on the ground floor of the new Criminal Court Tower, and I guarantee that $16 million shortfall will disappear in no time."

Roll along. That's all your LakeCountyEye has.

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