Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pimp My Fair Ride

You Must Be This Tall to Ride Like Brigadoon, the Lake County Fair appears in Lake County only once a year. To compensate, the fair is extended over five days -- Wednesday thru Sunday of this week -- July 23 to July 27.

Some attend the Fair for the watery beer and the deep fried Hooter Wings. But anyone like your LakeCountyEye goes to experience the thrill of a carnival ride that was bolted down under the cover of darkness by an unlicensed carny.

Any one of these 10 will suffice:
Ten Most Popular Amusement Rides at the Lake County Fair
  1. County Court Building $16 Million Cost Overrun Drop Tower

  2. LCDOT Highway Construction Bumper Cars

  3. Goliath Bungee Jump
    100% Wood Bungee Cords!

  4. Lake County Roundabout Merry-Go-Round

  5. Medical Marijuana Roller Coaster

  6. Backyard Chicken Run

  7. Park City Casino Roulette Ferris Wheel

  8. Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency Water Slide

  9. The Route 53 Extension Funding Shortfall

  10. Exploding Canadian National Train
Look for your LakeCountyEye, way up ahead in line.

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