Thursday, July 24, 2014

Big Overnment

Is the county fair -- like the fax machine, the pay-phone and the non-driverless car -- a sad anachronism? Operatives are advised to think otherwise. To prove it, your LakeCountyEye loaded up the Instamatic with a fresh roll of Kodachrome and paid a visit to the Lake County Fair.

Resisting the temptation to attend the funnel cake auction, your LakeCountyEye made a beeline for the exhibition hall. It is safe to report that every major Lake County political party is represented at the fair with a booth.

The staff at the Republican Party booth signed up your LakeCountyEye to be a precinct committeeman, and parted with some surplus yardsigns that would look good on the front lawn:
Your LakeCountyEye noticed a recurring theme:
For those who are web-savvy, the message couldn't be more crystal clear: There is something that is known as
and that it sucks. Operatives who do not know exactly what a Big Overnment is (or why it sucks) are encouraged to visit the website:
Hopefully someone will have better luck than your LakeCountyEye:

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