Thursday, November 21, 2013


Operatives of a certain age may remember when the silent movies became a thing of the past -- and may even recall that first line of dialogue ever spoken in a talkie ...
I have one just word for you, Benjamin: Plastics
Well, that was back in the day. For those who desire to see some of those Benjamins today, your LakeCountyEye has just one word:
Search Engine Optimization
... Benjamin.

Haha, even a poorly read and moreso poorly written local-focus blog has the potential to be the next Cheezburger -- and the secret is Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short. The best part is, the miracle of Search Engine Optimization is so easy & fast that its magic will work for you, too.

Just consider one painfully underperforming blog about politics in Lake County. This blog adopted the tried and true SEO trick of salting its content with one of a few special field-tested keywords:
You may just see a bunch of inane repetitions of the word LINK. But this savvy blogger saw pure search-engine gravy:
This lucky hometown blogger now has an Alexa ranking that is the envy of the blogosphere:
Seen enough? Call your LakeCountyEye for a SEO rate card today. Don't delay, the clock is ticking.


Anonymous said...

How many times and in how many races has the Daily Herald endorsed Terry Link for public office?

How can any news media source be so obtuse and so oblivious to the corruption?

Anonymous said...

Be specific anon (7:48). What corruption? Give specifics.
If you are talking about the Election Commission even a local newspaper agreed that Lake County should have a Commission instead of one person being responsible. Remember…power is absolute (on both sides of the aisle.
How is Link wielding power any different than Hellander wielding power?

Anonymous said...

Why does it matter what letter the corrupt politician advertises after his or her name?

The Daily Fishwrap has endorsed this crook masquerading as a public official for multiple terms.