Friday, November 15, 2013

Female Trouble?

Among old hands at the battle of the sexes, there is an often repeated saying: "Be nice to people on the way up because you will see them going down." Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Peter Roskam -- Lake County's ladies man in Congress -- would find himself, all of a sudden, with female trouble.

Roskam regularly scores big on election night, and he counts on the ladies of his congressional district for his muscular margins of victory. This comes in the face of the fact that he enjoys a leadership role in a political party with a reputation for being Mr In-Between: in between a woman and basic health care; in between her children and basic nutrition & educational services; in between her and what she can decide to do with her body.

It goes without saying that no ladies man can play the same trick over and over -- and expect to come out on top in the long run. So, in what may be a sign that a Roskam internal poll is intimating that his appeal with the ladies is petering out, he is sponsoring a forum this weekend. A forum devoted to you -- and only to you -- the ladies of his congressional district:
Your LakeCountyEye has been asked to extend an invitation to the ladies of Lake County -- please attend Peter Roskam's Women's Forum. Roskam is expected to be there, front and center, and will mansplain, in language that you can understand, his behavior when he away in Washington. And to promise never, ever, ever to do any of those things again. He really means it, this time.

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