Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In the Wake of the News:
One PDF Scrubbed from the Lake County Website

At the center of story I posted here, In the Wake of the News, is a lawsuit filed by Kirk Denz against his homeowner's association. A link to a PDF copy of the lawsuit is available on the blog post.

If your read the lawsuit, you may have glanced at this clause on page 18.
The Sheriff's Office Press Release in question had been obtainable from the Lake County website. This is no longer so. It appears that the PDF document had been removed from the Lake County website and is no longer available. This, I've been told, occurred not long after Denz filed his lawsuit.

Google still has a record of the document.
But the link is now inactive.
The document had been available on the Lake County website for downloading since 2003.


Anonymous said...

The Complaint stipulates Lake County Sheriff Deputies paid a visit to the Denz household to threaten enforcement of this bogus Wooster Declaration falsely typed by Kenneth Calvert. The Complaint reads the threatened police enforcement happened 9 months after they arrested Calvert for attempted murder and published the Sheriff's Press Release.

Where did the Sheriff's weblink disappear to?

What other documentation from the Sheriff has gone missing?

Crooked Republicans in Lake County said...

County Commissioner Bonnie Carter relied on a forgery from a felon to get an illegal ordinance.

Carter is on record September 6, 2005 and September 13, 2005 at Round Lake and Fox Lake relying on Kenneth Calvert's forged Declaration in order to get municipal officials to adopt a new ordinance against privately owned Wooster Lake, one that violated the limitations already clearly outlined in Article 11 of the Illinois Municipal Code.

Why is the Lake County State's Attorney's Office not prosecuting?

Who pulled the Sheriff's link to the Sheriff's allegations against Calvert?