Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Shred Tide

This is a true story.Perhaps with the exception of Rihanna's upcoming visit to Barrington High School (TBD), no single day is being more hotly anticipated in Lake County than Tuesday, April 9 -- 2013 Election Day. 2013 is a consolidated election year, which means virtually every township and municipal office will be on the ballot and up for grabs to some lucky candidate. So naturally #1 on the mind of candidates is whether or not the election results will have a clear paper trail.

Does your LakeCountyEye refer to a clear trail of paper ballots -- the one thing that can stand between a clean and a stolen election? Haha, of course not. Your LakeCountyEye refers to that paper trail left behind in all the township and municipal offices of incumbent candidates who are booted out of said offices. #1 on the mind of every incumbent candidate right about now is: "Hey what if I lose -- do I have an exit strategy?!"

Note to operatives: fear not, your LakeCountyEye has you covered. It's been four years already since your LakeCountyEye blogged about the 2009 township elections, and the comical manner in which the defeated Avon Township government vacated their offices. Well, what was good back in in the day is still good in 2013. If you or your candidate, heaven forbid, should fail to attain fifty percent plus one, and are required to clean out your desk for the crook guy that defeated you -- and toot-sweet -- just remember there is no better investment of your government dollars than a good paper shredder. Need your LakeCountyEye say more?

As luck would have it, according to the Daily Herald, there is even a free paper shredding party scheduled in Hainesville:
A Community Shred Day is scheduled for Thursday, April 4, from 4 to 6 p.m. at State Rep. Sam Yingling's House District 62 office at 20 W. North St., Hainesville.
Community Shred Day on April 4 in Hainesville
State Rep. Sam Yingling of course is the same Sam Yingling who was elected Avon Township Supervisor in 2009 and knows firsthand what it is like to take over an office where the records of a previous administration are all-of-a-sudden mysteriously unavailable. Well it's nice to see that Yingling has been a good sport about it all and is even offering the same service to those who follow in his footsteps. Way to go, Representative Yingling!

Your LakeCountyEye does observe that Yingling's free paper shredding services will be offered on April 4 -- five days before the election.

Haha Psych!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Rep Yingling knows those appointed during his term and the new self-appointed Supervisor will be vacating their offices on May 19th so he is giving them a head start.

CountyLeaks said...

Hark - Is That the Buzz of Cicadas or a Shredder? Did the DuPage Forest Preserve Shred a Truckload of Records During the Criminal Investigation?