Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rate Lake County Eye

Ever since a national business magazine rated it the ninth most miserable city in the world, Lake County has been pointing fingers and demanding answers. It is unclear how the magazine -- which will go unnamed -- arrived at the number #9 in particular. Your LakeCountyEye suspects the number was pulled out of their Forbes. At any rate, Lake County is asking: Why isn't there an official & authoritative rating service established, in lieu of these attention mongering charlatans?

Well there is one and it is situated right here in Lake County, as readers of this blog are recently aware:
Rate this Bloglomerate
Your LakeCountyEye refers of course to Lake County's newest rating web-service, Rate Lake County. Its mission is to rate Lake County, and with a methodology as rigorous as it is scientific. Local businesses, services, organizations, attractions are posted on the Rate Lake County website. And people can visit the website and post reviews.

Here, for instance, is a Rate Lake County review selected at random:
"If you like your local news served up in an insightful manner with a healthy does of wit and humor on the side this is the place to find it. I look forward to each new post, besides the unique perspective on local politics, I know I'm going to get at least a chuckle out of it and more often than not, I'll find myself laughing out loud. For those of you that don't follow local politics, check out Lake County Eye, I think you'll see why you should be and that it can be very entertaining."
Rate Lake County
This being a review of a web-blog, your LakeCountyEye did some research, and found it to be accurate & authoritative. The review is well-written and your LakeCountyEye would have been proud to be its author -- even though the reviewer did inexplicably give the superlative website in question an anemic rating of nine, on a scale of ten. No doubt this anonymous reviewer works at Forbes magazine.

Operatives are urged to go to Rate Lake County and post some more reviews. Before your LakeCountyEye does.

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