Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rate this Bloglomerate

Your LakeCountyEye does not have a winner!

Operatives two weeks ago were challenged to identify a subliminal ad cleverly concealed somewhere on this blog ...
Razzberries go to all the lackeyed operatives who spotted a Twinkie box. While a good guess, those Twinkies that appeared on this blog were in reality the result of a nasty Internet virus -- no doubt foisted upon freedom-loving bloggers by some ring of churls. Sort of like the same virus that embedded those Viagra and Cialis ads everyone was seeing on the McHenryCountyBlog a few months ago. At any rate, thanks for playing.

To be a lucky winner, you needed to scroll down the right column of this blog and look under Lake County Links for this blog's newest hyperlink ...

Rate Lake County
Your LakeCountyEye's featured destination website of the month ...
Rate Lake County is a place for local people to share their thoughts and advice about local businesses. Share what you know about local businesses and recommend your favorites. Take a few moments and write a review.
Rate Lake County
Rate Lake County is like an Angie's List, but just for Lake County, which makes it the perfect addition to your LakeCountyEye's allstar blogroll walk of fame. Or some junk to that effect.

Sharpeyed operatives may observe that your LakeCountyEye was, only 24 hours ago, hustling a different blog, CountyLeaks ...
Q the Eye/03.04.13
and they would be right. Operatives are challenged to guess the identity of the next blog to be assimilated by the LakeCountyEye Bloglomerate®.

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