Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy Eighth

This blog may well be a slice of rye with a swipe of mayo, because your LakeCountyEye is being spammed. The YouTube link air-dropped into recent comment sections of this blog leads to a video attacking Eighth Congressional Candidate, Joe Walsh. The best way to make mincemeat of spam is to shine some light on it, so the video is reproduced here:

A commendable approximation of a viral video, to be sure, although it has your LakeCountyEye is wondering why bother? Nate Silver gives Walsh a 0.0000000002% chance of winning, a figure that puts Walsh within the statistical margin of error only if one invokes the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

A much funnier video attacks Eighth District Congresswoman, Melissa Bean:

It's looking like the Tea Party has jacked up its efforts to stalk Bean. Note to operatives: when sending one of your guys out w/camera to capture that macaca moment, make sure your guy is not some maroon playing constitution cop. When in public, the constitution guarantees your right to be perceived as a clown. Best advice: take constitutional grievances to where they belong -- the ACLU.

Note to operatives, on the flip side: If your top dog is being hounded by a maroon w/camera, run some interference. Have a guy firmly block & politely inform the camera that the senator/governor/mayor/president is late for a session and will be happy to follow-up at a later date. Your LakeCountyEye happens to know the Round Lake Library District keeps some mean bone-crushers on staff to protect their inventory from over-achieving middle-schoolers. Give them a call; they are willing to freelance.

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Anonymous said...

So typical of Joe Walsh and if any Walsh workers happen to read this blog, we know Joe is broke, so why waste his limited campaign resources on illegal placement of yard signs. They get pulled from right aways by the state, county and municipalities. I saw several of them gone after a weekend of placement.