Friday, September 10, 2010

The Booboisie Prize

Your LakeCountyEye Question of the Day:

Q) What do ...
  • The Ground Zero Mosque
  • The Koran-burning Pastor
  • The Miss USA Pageant
have in common?

A) They have the boobs all worked up.

The boobs in America are all worked up over the Ground Zero Mosque. The boobs in Afghanistan are all worked up over the Koran-burning Pastor. And who doesn't love a beauty contest?

It took a call from the Secretary of Defense to convince Florida pastor Terry Jones not to burn his Koran. Or maybe not. The pastor, nodoubt nobody's fool, is now holding the Ground Zero mosque hostage: "Either move that mosque away from Ground Zero, or the Koran gets it." Your LakeCountyEye recalls that Ground Zero became Ground Zero nine years ago, when it was 19 boobs from the Mideast who managed to hijack some commercial jets.

How does a low-achiever Baptist pastor from low-achiever Gainesville FL suddenly become the pointman on US foreign policy? If the lamestream media hadn't noticed and thrown a lot of gasoline on this weenee roast, Pastor Jones would probably be talking back to his teevee-set at this moment. Instead of talking to the teevee cameras.

Your LakeCountyEye predicts that no Korans will burn this 9/11 weekend. Sure, no one wants overseas GIs stupidly put in harm's way. But more importantly, Jones can threaten to burn Korans indefinitely. But once that first Koran is torched, the drama ends, and cameras start packing up and will move on to the next media-created circus. Operatives are challenged to guess how many weeks the pyrotechnic pastor is able to fan his 15 minutes of flame.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the boobs in media reporting.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Anon,
I imagine there is plenty of boobitude to spread around here.

IllinoisJim said...

That the “Eye” staff predicted no Korans would be burned on 9/11 impresses me. More copycat clown acts follow. As we all must know, 10/11 is the anniversary of the first full day of life of Martin Luther. Wingnut traditionalists will join in a Lutheran hymnal burning on the 11th. 50 dizzy congregants are being rounded up, 150 reporters rushing to go lower than Fixed News will be present. The Under Secretary of Slipups (for Midwest Affairs) is preparing a special plea for calm. All because our media gave the Biggest Loser his own production company for 15 minutes. Humiliating.