Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creepy Tribune Cartoonist
Oblivious to Elephant in the Room

If the Chicago Tribune Creepy Cartoonist is to be believed, the White House Oval Office got a makeover ...

Chicago Tribune, 09/02/2010
In this particular drawing, the elephant in the room is a pair of menacing African black rhinoceroses the renovators left behind. President Obama is beset by Tea-Party-talking-point bogeymen depicted as rhinoceroses sporting labels that say BLOATED GOVT and DEFICIT.

Now your LakeCountyEye is but a simple country blogger, and by no means a professional editorial cartoonist skilled in the semiotic art of conveying complex ideas in simple pictures. Nonetheless, if one's artistic aim was to depict the elephant in the room, wouldn't drawings of, well, elephants be apropos?

That would've been your LakeCountyEye's obvious choice. The elephant is the symbol of the GOP. The same GOP that bookended nearly a decade of self-serving government mismanagement and war -- and responsible for that BLOATED GOVT and the DEFICIT. This may be ancient history to some -- a year and a half already -- but an elephant never forgets!

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