Sunday, August 1, 2010

Son of Barnival!

This is your last day to attend the Lake County Fair. By all accounts the Fair - iteration #2 at the new location -- was a qualified success. At least this year the LakeCountyEye Low-Speed-Vehicle was not marooned in the mud, requiring some help of blue-ribbon winning livestock to be made roadworthy again. No image available, however the PlainfieldSun has the background story ...
Man claims dealer made cart illegal on streets
As reported here, your LakeCountyEye was invited to live-blog the Fair ...
However, as things turned out, your LakeCountyEye will not be live-blogging the Fair, either on this blog or any other.

Your LakeCountyEye was on-hand at the Fairgrounds to live-blog 560 WIND-AM's meet-the-candidate stump-fest, scheduled at 5 am last Friday. Full disclosure: at that time of the night you are more apt to find your LakeCountyEye preparing to hit the hay, than setting up computer equipment. Long story short, at 5am don't be surprised to find your LakeCountyEye attempting to plug a USB cable into an available Firewire port. With an expected result of total-lights-out.

Power was fully restored within the hour, but not before the WIND candidate show was cancelled. The whole sad story is recounted by the News-Sun ...
'Barney' comes alive at candidates show
The day was saved with an impromptu performance of your LakeCountyEye's hilarious imitation of a bumbling Lake County Sheriff's deputy. As of yet, however, your LakeCountyEye has not been invited to cover Lake County Fair 2011.

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Anonymous said...

Well Barney, as always the Board did a great job putting on the county fair. The attendance was low this year with the best day being Sunday.
Politically speaking, both parties had nice booths. The Republicans were raffling a bike and the Democrats were raffling a pre-loaded eReader. The Tea Party was selling er ummmm, I mean asking for donations for their extremist paraphernalia.
Now it is time to exercise off the "fair food"