Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Scheurer Thing

Your LakeCountyEye received under the transom this morning, an unmarked envelope from the WikiLeaks ...

Top 10 Reasons Why Joe Walsh Is Living In A Horse Trailer
10. It's the only way he could afford to live in the district.
9. Someone told him it came with free ice cream.
8. He couldn't afford a car.
7. It's big enough to hold all his supporters.
6. Cars are unconstitutional. The founding fathers didn't drive cars!
5. He gets all his best ideas from a talking horse.
4. To demonstrate the GOP housing plan. It even has windows!
3. Someone promised him a free pony ride.
2. The bank foreclosed on his campaign office.
1. That darn bookmobile was all filled up with books!
Eagle-eyed ops may observe that this intermittently-hilarious Internet Top 10 List is a bald-headed hommage to your LakeCountyEye's hilarious Internet Top 10 Lists. Also, the numbers inexplicably are backward; for best results read while standing on your head.

Just some free advice, it often pays to set up your gag in advance before delivering your punch line(s). For those who don't know Joe Walsh, he is the front-man to 60s nostalgia guitar-band, The Eagles. The band might be seeing hard times if Walsh is living in his horse's trailer. Nostalgia must not be what it used to be!

Your LakeCountyEye will never divulge the identity of a source. Feel free to visit FreeTheDemocrats to see why.

That's about all there is to this one, folks.

Sharp-eyed operatives may be thinking: well ok, if someone rips-off the LakeCountyEye, that may be fair game for a satirical post. But this was just a cheap excuse to do another lame Top 10. And without actually doing any of the work.

Bears repeating: that's all there is to this one, folks.

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Anonymous said...

A clear indication of how that campaign is going. Wiiiiilbur!