Thursday, August 5, 2010


The last time anything about Lake County politics appeared in one of the MSM blogs, was when the Wonkette asked: Is GOP Senate Candidate Mark Kirk a Secret Gay Homosexual? Your LakeCountyEye was on that one like a week-old Lake County Fair corndog on a stick ...
A Bad Week Already for Mark Kirk
... correcting the Wonkette's deliberate distortions of the truth.

Well the Wonkette is at it again, they never learn ...

Mysterious 'Kraken' Ruining Mark Kirk’s Senate Campaign

Your LakeCountyEye can set the record straight and report that Kraken in fact is a mythical sea monster of the Norway and Iceland coasts.

And Kraken in no way is poised to ruin Mark Kirk's Senate campaign.

Kraken in fact bears a resemblance to the the name of Kirk campaign mainstay Dodie McCracken, which the Wonkette doubtless deliberately distorted for comical effect.

The Wonkette was able to pull off the chicane because most Operatives -- even LakeCountyEye Operatives -- would not be expected to be familiar with name Dodie McCracken. McCracken attracted national attention when mentioned in a Chicago Magazine story about Kirk's Ex ...
Mark Kirk’s Ex-wife: 'Svengali Figure' Influencing Candidate
Operatives with an inclination to consult the story will learn that McCrackin in fact is a high-concept, low-humor Halloween costume ...

McCrackin the Plumber
... that for some inexplicable reason is a big hit at Team-Kirk offices every Halloween.

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