Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shirt List

You've gone viral when the media latches on a nickname that identifies who you are, like, say, Nail-Polish Driver. All of which means T-Shirt Girl has gone viral. As posted here ...
Lock'em Up & Throw Away the Tee
a Round Lake Park woman was tossed in jail for wearing a naughty T-shirt while waiting in the gallery at the Lake County Court. The exact message on the T-shirt, noted by the News-Sun, was ...
I own the (female body part), so I make the rules.
The story got some MSM attention and now T-Shirt Girl has been contacted by NBC News and The View and, according to a News-Sun update ...
T-shirt girl to file suit
is filing a lawsuit. Operatives wishing to eyeball the details of the Contempt-of-Court contretemps are directed to The Smoking Gun ...
"I Have The Gavel, So I Make The Rules"
which has the images and court documents.

Coincidentally, I Have The Gavel, So I Make The Rules is a T-Shirt that your LakeCountyEye has worn to Court on a couple of occasions -- and to no avail, not even a raised eyebrow. Of course it should be no surprise that your LakeCountyEye has fulfilled more court dates over the years than the LakeCountyEye highboy has T-shirts. Some of which are listed here.

10 LakeCountyEye T-Shirts Worn to Court Without Incident

  1. I have the yeast, so I raise the dough.

  2. I make the vaccine, so I call the shots.

  3. I own the loom, so I pull the strings.

  4. I follow the bride, so I take the train.

  5. I have the diamond rasp, so I filed the suit.

  6. I shot the Sheriff, so I did not shoot the Deputy.

  7. I have the International Prototype Meter, so I make the rules.

  8. I am not on staff, so I am not a crook.

  9. I have the clutch, so I make the passes.

  10. I write the songs, so I write the songs.

Your LakeCountyEye thought that one of these would have elicited at least a smirk from someone. Of course, it is hard to read a T-Shirt when it's worn under those black robes that they expect you to wear.


MammaBlogga said...

This attention deprived freak show got just what she was looking for = attention! She claimed to have another shirt on underneath so why didn't she remove the tasteless one before going into the courthouse. Or better yet, why didn't she keep her sweaty body out in her car and wait there for her friend. We should not be subjected to T-shirts with obscene language and gestures on them while we are out and about and neither should any one's children. I spent last week on jury duty and would volunteer to do another week just to get on her 'jury of peers' (if there are even 12 like her!). The judge gave her what I call a 'sit-out' for her to think about her disrespect for our courts. Too bad she didn't slap her with a week of bologna sandwiches along with some public service hours. As far as the ACLU getting involved, per her attorney, they have much more important issues to get involved with besides the local circus clowns. You won't see this case going anywhere!

Barney Baxter said...

hi CatMan,
I sort of doubt LaPenta planned or even anticipated any of this. I suspect she would've stayed home if she knew what was going to happen.

MammaBlogga said...

If it didn't happen in a courtroom it probably would have happened somewhere else sooner or later, since her choice in fashion was bound to rub somebody the wrong way eventually. I hope her car got towed while she was thinking about her actions as well. The bigger the lesson learned, the more it's likely to stick in her empty head. Like many who posted on the News-Sun page, I'm sure she made her Mom proud.

Joe said...

Well, CatMan, a.k.a. the Central Scrutinizer, there are many t-shirts I find extremely offensive & obscene -- like the "Obama is a Socialist" one a cranky little old lady was wearing in Jewel the other day. I want to know why wasn't she arrested. Wonder if that judge would have done in her case. Nothing, I suspect.

Arbitrarily using the First Amendment is un-American & un-patriotic, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

What exactly is vulgar about the word socialist? The girl in question here had on a vulgar shirt-difference.
Also, at jewel you could avert your eyes-in court, the judge just can't get up and leave, nor can the bailiff, nor can the court reporter, nor can the court clerk, nor can the criminal defendants. Very big difference!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of prudes. It's a body part. Get over it.

Barney Baxter said...

hi CatMan,
Absolutely. If A does X and X offends B, then A is likely to hear about it in some form or another. Sooner or later. I believe this is how basic social interaction works.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second! I have two pussy cats, and they definitely make the rules. And, they're socialists!

Barney Baxter said...

We once had a pair of socialist cats, also. We called them Karl Manx and Chairman Meow.

LC Truth said...

See what happens when you get appointed Judges and the people don't get to play in the process?